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Nachrichten aus den URI Zentralen

Aus dem Newsletter URI EUROPA

URI Europe welcomes two new CCs

As of April 2012, URI Europe is very happy to welcome a new CC in Austria – a very warm welcome to URI CC Lienz/Austria – Interreligiöses Team Osttirol into the family.  As of May 2012, URI Europe is very happy to welcome another CC in Germany – a very warm welcome to the Multicultural Discussion Group Merzig – Multikulturelle Gesprächsgruppe Merzig into the family.

Mail aus der Zentrale in New York:

As Founder and President of URI, I want to welcome you and the other members from the URI CC – Lienz/Austria – Interreligioses Team Osttirol.

URI started in 1993 as a vague dream. Over the next few years, URI began to gather people from around the world and we all became a committed and caring community. Then after three more years of hard work we produced the URI Charter (Preamble, Purpose and Principles). And finally on June 26, 2000 we launched. The once vague idea became a well defined approach of linking peacemakers to local and global issues and to each other. Peacemakers who honor the spiritual dimensions of life. At work today in 80 countries and growing fast.

And now there is you!

You will never know what a cause for rejoicing comes from having you join the URI family. I along with hundreds of others have read about you and the focus of your work. We welcome you and applaud what you do.

If you ever want to be in touch with me, I am just an email away. Feel free to connect. Meanwhile I send warmest greetings to you and to you all.

+William E. Swing


Gemeinsamer Besuch eines orthodoxen Konzertes in Lienz

Am 8. Juni haben Mitglieder des URI Teams gemeinsam ein Konzert eines Kosaken – Chores aus Russland besucht und wurden anschließend vom einem russischen Fernsehenteam nach den Eindrücken befragt. Es hat allen sehr gut gefallen und wir konnten auch über die Pläne für einen gemeinsamen Gebetsort für Menschen aller Religionen in Osttirol sprechen.